A World Premiere by Caitlin Parrish
Steppenwolf Theatre for Young Audiences

4 stars… I found myself moved to tears… This is one of those terrific SYA shows that adults should see — and bring your teenager, for this show is about finding your own voice in a time and place where those who should know better are talking about all the wrong things. By contrast, Parrish and Weiss are the real deal. – Chicago Tribune

4 stars… a confident, moving polemic..Much credit goes to Cygan and Weiss for managing to render Sophie—a normal girl in an impossible situation—with such complex vibrancy. ..The Burials is a play of powerful images and moments, with an ending that feels truly, exuberantly hopeful, and contains a message of empowerment that young audiences would do well to hear. – Time Out Chicago

3 and a half stars.. .Director Weiss takes her responsibilities seriously, but never panders to The Burials’ target audience. She’s not afraid of the humorous moments that make the more disturbing sequences bearable. Both Weiss and Parrish understand teenagers, what makes them tick, the violent world that even the most sheltered have to face every day… Smart, true and timely – Chicago Theatre Beat