Rebecca Gilman's Twilight Bowl at The Goodman Theatre

The Jeff-Recommended hit world premiere of renowned playwright Rebecca Gilman’s Twilight Bowl was the first production in Goodman history to have an all-female creative team!

Critical Praise for Twilight Bowl
“Weiss’ production always feels alive, real, raw and in the moment” - The Chicago Tribune
”Director Erica Weiss’ staging is laced with deep veins of empathy and humor, and the six actors imbue their performances with layers of nuance.” - The Chicago Sun-Times
”Erica Weiss delivers a ruggedly affectionate production that is made special by a superb young cast.” - Time Out Chicago
”Director Erica Weiss has painted a touching portrait of those whom are often looked down upon yet rarely seen, imbuing them with humanity, strength and hope.” - NewCity Stage
”Director Erica Weiss and her fine cast mine Gilman's script both for darker drama and great moments of shocking and uncomfortable comedy.” - The Daily Herald